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Does the female eat garlic what to profit there is? How does garlic eat most preserve one's health?

Garlic is the very common vegetable food in the life, the flavour after passing proper treatment culinary art is goluptious and attractive, and nutrient value also is very tall, but eat garlic to need to pay attention to a method, eat garlic ability correctly to bring bigger gain for health, and eat garlic to still a few contraindication want to notice, lest be opposite,health brings adverse effect.

Does the female eat garlic what to profit there is? How does garlic eat most preserve one's health? (1)

1, the advantage that the female takes garlic

1. except gravid grain

Female to gravid grain very care about, think this is, affect one of causes with him beautiful skin. And garlic is the purify with not much amount to one of way with gravid the most efficient grain, in needing to take garlic pound juice to drip to heat up oil only, besmear is on gravid grain can.

2. precaution department of gynaecology is ill

Garlic is had fight first-rately phlogistic, antiseptic dietotherapy effect, in if can be in,living because of this female friend, proper eat garlic more, to preventing inflammation of department of gynaecology be to having very apparent help.

3. except knit

It is OK in the life that female friend mights as well eat garlic more, it can conduce to clean skin, let the skin become better, still can have certain dispel blain effect at the same time, need to knead garlic gently on blain blain only, hold to the effect a few days very apparent.

2, how does garlic eat most preserve one's health

1. garlic steep

Garlic 10 grams, white sugar is right amount. garlic flay pound, add boiled water 50 milliliter, clear add white sugar right amount become namely. This steep is had relieve a cough alexipharmic effect, apply to whooping cough.

2. garlic congee

Violet skin garlic 30 grams, rice 100 grams. Garlic flay, 1 minute of fish out are boiled in putting boiling water, take rice next, put into water of the garlic that boil to boil gruel, put garlic again, boil together for congee. This congee has next energy of life be good at stomach, detoxify stops the effect of dysentery, apply to patient of acute bacterium dysentery.

The brown sugar of garlic of 3. black soya bean that boil

Black soya bean 100 grams, garlic 30 grams, brown sugar 10 grams. Will fry boiler to put flourishing fire, add water after 1000 milliliter boil, enter black soya bean (abluent) , garlic (section) , brown sugar, come with article baked wheaten cake black soya bean is ripe sodden become namely. This kind eats a law to have be good at the effect of lienal beneficial stomach, edible of the person that suit kidney empty gravid oedema.

Does the female eat garlic what to profit there is? How does garlic eat most preserve one's health? (2)

3, garlic edible is no-no

1, garlic of the diet when diarrhoea. Because,this is when patient diarrhoea, after the feculent food that has the bacterium that cause disease as a result of catch cold catch cold or edible, cause what local mucous membrane organizes blood-vessel of wall of bowel of phlogistic sex soak inside bowel to know the variation that appear a gender, alvine gland body secretes hyperfunction, lead to salt of protein, water metabolization is disorder, make antrum of a large number of humoral infiltration bowel, at the same time bacterium and toxin stimulate alvine wall, make alvine peristalsis is accelerated and produce diarrhoea. At this moment, whole bowel antrum all is in " supersaturation " insecurity should stimulate condition in, reentry feeds garlic this one acrimony content, meet more stimulate the wall that offend bowel, facilitating blood-vessel is farther hyperaemia, oedema, make more tissue fluid swarm into bowel inside, aggravating diarrhoea.

2, avoid is hollow feed garlic, cause acute gastritis in case.

3, avoid excessive feeds garlic. Daily adult gives birth to garlic with eating 2, 3 valve, ripe garlic 4, 5 valve can, child halve, it is profitless also to be fed more.

4, avoid is long-term edible garlic. Garlic has the effect that makes alvine path hardens, this often is a cause that causes constipation, and can kill often be in inside many bowel bacterium, still can cause certain skin disease from this.

5, avoid external use, lest cause skin chap.

6, some people have special reaction to garlic, because this is like edible hind to have unwell feeling, answer diet.

Does the female eat garlic what to profit there is? How does garlic eat most preserve one's health? (3)

Believed to understand garlic after the advantage to the female, to garlic more loved, but the contraindication that eats garlic also needs special attention, these contraindication must avoid as far as possible when eating garlic, bring adverse effect very easily to health otherwise, and above introductory garlic has a way also is special health, can try to fall, effect of preserve one's health is OK still.