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What is having the principle that balsam pear reduces weight? Balsam pear has thin body so the most effective

Balsam pear is the very common vegetable food in the life, its taste is bitter, but nutrient value is extremely high, eat balsam pear to be able to think health brings not little profit appropriately, but eating balsam pear also need exquisite method, such ability bring more profit for health. Eating balsam pear can reduce weight, and its principle also has scientific basis, it is better to eat balsam pear correctly to decrease fertilizer efficiency fruit.

What is having the principle that balsam pear reduces weight? Balsam pear has thin body so the most effective (1)

1, the principle that balsam pear reduces weight

1. quantity of heat exceeds low, return can restrain adipose absorb

Balsam pear of every 100 grams has 18 kilocalorie quantity of heat only, the tomato that likes most than decreasing fat eyebrow is little still 7 kilocalorie, compare small cucumber only many 3 kilocalorie, but have satiated feeling more however. And the balsam pear element that contains among them, according to experimental discovery, what 1 milligram can prevent 100 grams is adipose absorb.

2. falls igneous detumescence, go heating up alexipharmic

Balsam pear can divide the heat of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, lack that divide work, Qing Xinming to look, summertime edible is cool and refreshing disappear heat. And still can eliminate toxin quickly, prevent body endotoxin accumulation.

3. enhances immunity force, hairdressing is raised colour

Rich vitamin C can enhance immune power, prevent cardiovascular disease. Add special physiology active protein, can help skin new student and cut heal, have the effect of the hairdressing that protect skin.

4. falls hypoglycemia

Balsam pear contains part of stimulative insulin excretive, have a help to dominate blood sugar, prevent diabetic action.

5. counteractive cancer, tumor

Balsam pear element can be prevented adipose absorb, outside having effect reducing weight, also be the extremely strong ace that fight cancer. Suffer from melon seeds to return what can prevent malignant tumor to grow among them.

2, the thin body of balsam pear has a way

Common balsam pear has 3 kinds probably, suit to be hit into juice to drink with other vegetables and fruits very much, especially pineapple, celery, mouthfeel is better.

Also very recommend cold and dressed with sause, want to cut chip only, with briny eliminate agonized flavour, add some of vinegar to mix, simple tastily. Want to abound a bit, also can add the likewise low caloric such as kelp, small cucumber, tomato to feed capable person along with be fond of, nutrition won't add quantity of heat again more.

What is having the principle that balsam pear reduces weight? Balsam pear has thin body so the most effective (2)

3, notice of contraindication reducing weight

1, ban do not have breakfast

Do not have breakfast to make the body is in hollow condition easily, the candy cent in blood reduces the appetite that can let you more exuberant. When lunch time, because exceeding hungry and wild land takes food,you are met, eat the quantity of heat that go in to be able to exceed bid badly so.

2, ban water be not worth

Assure 2000cc everyday water capacity ability makes sure body function runs normally, defecate just won't become work again hard, cause costive worry to you. Do not drink the carbonic acid beverage such as coke, Xue Bi, they contain many candy branch to let you drink fatter more.

3, ban high quantity of heat late food

A person who goes to bed late always mixes midnight two just slept at 3 o'clock, this moment is apart from dinner time to had had 78 hour, abdomen affirmation is hungry confused. Bubble surface, potato piece, small snacks comes on stage in succession, eat so that comparative satisfy a craving ah, feed full the bed is mounted to sleep after abdomen. Such how not can fat? Not again so fine long hair got along incontinently! Small make up proposal MM to had better not stay up late eat a late food of what, this reduces weight namely at all and an archenemy of hairdressing. If have to eats, that chooses oatmeal of tall fiber low caloric.

4, ban eat ice to taste disappear heat

Sorching summer, come bowl of ice most disappear heat, do not cross the popsicle on market, also be the quantity that contain sugar much, nature of quantity of heat is very breathtaking also, if be not,eat cannot, should choose not to want too sweet, quantity of heat too tall, for example chocolate, earthnut; Optional of low fat, may in order to see natural fruit bead, corn, the quantity of heat that mount seeing a package remembers when buying is indicative, lower better.

5, ban with the fruit when prandial

Fruit nutrition is rich, be regarded as to reduce weight in the center the most welcome food, but a few fruits are contained relative to higher candy share, the word of one excessive, affirmative meeting reduces weight to summer the plan is affected somewhat.

6, ban cake desert

Cake of small a butter is contained those who exceed many is adipose divide with candy, when should getting satisfaction on your spirit your alvine very contented also beat rose. Cut off this extremely evil source rapidly!

7, ban big fish big meat

The flesh kind food contains a large number of protein and quantity of heat, absorb overmuch meeting to reduce the peristaltic capacity of intestines and stomach, cause constipation, return meeting influence to digest absorb. If you cannot fail fleshy company really, that suggests you can choose to eat quantity of heat to compare low chicken and cruelly oppress.

8, ban daily eat only with reducing quantity of heat

Xin Ge says " a lot of ladies think, do not have breakfast every morning, eat only midday a bit, eat well in the evening, one day is equal to eat a meal only, such making that the quantity of heat that take food is a lot of less than in the past, can achieve the goal that reduce weight. Actually otherwise. Do not take food all day, increase appetite instead actually, materiality becomes the possibility that feeds suddenly. We had discovered, those lady weight that eat a meal only grow more quickly. " he suggests, had better be balance food, early, lunch all eats, the hunger when lest dinner is borne hard, eat and drink too much.

9, ban food onefold, nutrient lack

French woman to reduce weight, the thing that a lot of people have everyday is very simple, if a few a cup of coffee, biscuit are breakfast, and a cup of milk, oaten coiling is lunch. This brings about nutrition of a lot of people to lack, give birth to other illness, their calcium is qualitative, protein pledge with fiber too little. Xin Ge points out, do not eat simple food only to reduce weight, want to control weight in order to change dietary habit. If use low adipose cookery to make food, the choice supplies the restaurant of healthy food, attend more with eat the activity that have nothing to do to wait. Anyhow should make sure nutrition is balanced, element of meat or fish is tie-in and measurable, cannot be lacked because of nutrition and appear to be bothered newly.

10, ban excessive count drug reducing weight

Had better not take drug reducing weight, but if very special fat, hope to be able to be in again short-term inside thin come down, can try, but choose Chinese traditional medicine as far as possible, do not hurt the body quite.

What is having the principle that balsam pear reduces weight? Balsam pear has thin body so the most effective (3)

After believing everybody knew the principle reducing weight of balsam pear and method, effective too impatient to wait, nevertheless here should be carried to everybody wake, food reduces weight to just have auxiliary effect, still need daily athletic fitness to undertake assorted, such effect reducing weight just is met best, eating balsam pear of course also have contraindication, proper understanding also needs before edible.