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Is the quantity of heat of lotus lotus root high? Can lotus root eating lotus reduce weight?

Lotus lotus root is a kind of food that a lot of people like to eat very much, its mouthfeel is fragile tender, flavour pleasant is sweet, so many people like lotus root eating lotus very much, and when a lot of schoolgirls are taking lotus lotus root, often meet how much is the quantity of heat of curious lotus lotus root, so is the quantity of heat of lotus lotus root high? Can lotus root eating lotus gain flesh after all? Can lotus root eating lotus reduce weight really?

Is the quantity of heat of lotus lotus root high? Can lotus root eating lotus reduce weight? (1)

1, the quantity of heat of lotus lotus root

Alias: Even Dan of dish, lotus root, Han, lotus, lotus lotus root

Quantity of heat: 70 kilocalorie (100 grams can be fed partly)

Classification: Greengrocery

Evaluation: Lotus root this kind of aquatic and vegetable mostly mineral content is higher, but at the same time it belongs to amylaceous content in vegetable taller, during reducing weight can now and then a few substitution staple food edible.

Nutrient information

Nutriment content (every 100 overcome)

Quantity of heat (kilocalorie) 70.00

Carbohydrate (gram) 16.40

Adipose (gram) 0.20

Protein (gram) 1.90

Cellulose (gram) 1.20

Vitamin A(microgramme) 3.00

Magnanimity unit

Magnanimity unit quantity of heat (can eat a part quantity of heat)

1 (small) lotus root (150 grams, can eat a part 132 overcome) 92 kilocalorie

1 (in) lotus root (220 grams, can eat a part 194 overcome) 136 kilocalorie

1 (big) lotus root (400 grams, can eat a part 352 overcome) 246 kilocalorie

Standard (100 overcome) 70 kilocalorie

2, the effect of lotus lotus root

Lotus lotus root, cold; of flavour pleasant, sex puts in classics of heart, lienal, stomach, liver, lung 's charge. Clear heat promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid; of; cool blood comes loose Yu; is hemostatic.

3, the nutrient value of lotus lotus root

The quantity of heat of 1. lotus lotus root and potato comparative, carbohydrate and adipose content are lower, protein quantity relatively potato is tallish.

Vitamin and microelement are contained in 2. lotus lotus root, especially C of vitamin K, vitamin, the content of iron and Potassium is higher.

Mucus albumen and prandial fiber are contained in 3. lotus lotus root, can with salt of the cholic acid inside human body, the cholesterol in food and triglyceride are united in wedlock, make its from the eduction in excrement and urine, reduce fat thereby kind absorb.

4. lotus root contains B12 of many tannin and rich plant fiber, vitamin.

4, of lotus lotus root have a way

1. lotus root can be born feed, boil is fed, pound juice drink, or insolation crocus boils congee.

The avoid when 2. boils lotus root uses ironware, lest make straight food nigrescent.

Boiler should fall to cook as soon as possible after expurgation of 3. lotus root is cortical, avoid lotus root silk to blacken because of oxidation. If cannot seasonable cook, can put lotus root into the clear water that adds vinegar to immerse, maintain the white colour and lustre of itself of lotus lotus root, the edge when the silk that fry lotus root fries an edge to go to a few clear water are added in boiler, if jade won't become angry,fry the whiteness of lotus root silk that come out so.

4. eats lotus root to answer section edible, topmost and sweet fragile tender, delicacy of the cold and dressed with sause after scald is fed, the 2nd, the 3rd a bit old, it is the superior raw material that makes soup, still can do scamper lotus root to place; the 4th later each only comfortable be fed at frying or be used as the raw material of lotus root starch.

5, lotus lotus root how choose and buy

1, choice facial expression is small fizzle out do not have peculiar smell

Cortical color should show lotus lotus root small yellow, if nigrescent or discrepant flavour, such cannot want. Itself of lotus lotus root has taste of a clay only, if have tart flavor, the specification is to use industrial drug treated, harmful to human body.

2, choice blowhole is bigger

Can dissection lotus lotus root a paragraph small, see the blowhole size among lotus lotus root, the lotus lotus root with big blowhole is more juicily. Buy such lotus lotus root as far as possible, more delicious. Make ginger juice lotus root especially piece, taste is very good.

3, those who choose inside and outside to was not injured

When buying lotus lotus root, should notice to have without apparently traumatic. If clay is lapping lotus lotus root, should brush clay, surface of lotus root seeing lotus has without bruise, if bruise is apparent did not buy.

4, section of choice lotus root is thick and short

Number of lotus root division won't affect quality, should carry as far as possible when the choose and buy relatively section of stubby lotus root, maturity of such lotus lotus root is tall, mouthfeel is better.