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What effect and effect does olive oil have? How to pick good olive oil?

Olive oil is a kind of very common material, there is a lot of to protect skin product to contain the part of olive oil among them in the life, what do you know the effect of olive oil has then? What effect can olive oil have to people? Product of avery kind of has respective effect, but some products still may join miscellaneous other material, how does ability pick good olive oil then.

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1, the effect of olive oil and action

Stimulative blood circulation, improvement digestion function, protection skin, improve the internal system function, benefit to cadre system, action that prevent cancer, radiation-proof function, fight consenescence

2, how to pick olive oil

The olive oil with good 1. has the following characteristic: The character of olive oil and closely related the craft that make oil, high grade olive oil is used cold extract legal system to take, and need undertake to high-pressured lane from low pressure. Low pressure head extracts olive oil colour and lustre to show buff, it is optimal cold and dressed with sause uses oil and cooking oil. View: Glib style is bright, thick, show shallow yellow, olivine, La Lu, blue, till La Hei is lubricious. The olive oil acid value with deep colour and lustre tall, quality is poorer. And component of the pigment in refined oil and other nutrition is destroyed. Hear: Have fruit sweet smell, different tree is planted have different fruit taste, the division that taste oil can distinguish even fragrance of 32 kinds of distinct Chinese olive fruit are like licorice flavour, butyric flavor, fruit flavour, chocolate flavour. Taste: Mouthfeel bright slips, have light acrid, reach bitter taste, guttural hind have apparent feeling, piquancy feeling compares lag;

The olive oil with bad 2. has the following characteristic: View: Glib style is mixed, lack bright luster, the specification places time to grow, begin oxidation. Color is light, the feeling is very rare, not thick, the specification is refined oil or the oil that tick off add. Hear: Have stale taste, mildew wet flavour, slimy fishy smell, wine acidity, metallic flavour, the peculiar smell such as rancid flavour. The specification is degenerative, or raw material of Chinese olive fruit has a problem, or store undeserved. Taste: Have peculiar smell, flavour of flat perhaps what is done not have. The specification is degenerative, perhaps refined oil or the oil that tick off add

What effect and effect does olive oil have? How to pick good olive oil? (2)

3, method of edible of olive oil health

1, with blast of olive oil decoct

Differ with herb oil, olive oil fights oxygen function and content of very high not saturated fatty acid because of its, make its still can keep stable in structure of the chemistry when high temperature. When using common edible oil, crossed smoke to nod when oily Wen Chao, oil and adipose chemical structure can produce change, produce easy carcinogenic substance. And the smoke dot of olive oil is in centigrade 240 ~ 270 degrees between, this already the smoke dot of oil of commonly used edible is worth outclass other, consequently olive oil can be used repeatedly not degenerative, it is the oil that suits decoct blast most kind.

2, with olive oil barbecue suffers

Olive oil suits to be used as much burn, bake, decoct, boil. When cook of use olive oil, food can send out an inviting fragrance, covet making a person. Special recommend use olive oil to do an egg to fry a meal, or do barbecue.

3, make sauce with olive oil makings and dressing

The purpose that expects with sauce is v alimental flavour, is not to mask it. Olive oil is to make cold sauce makings and the grease component with the best makings that heat up sauce, it can protect the colour and lustre that fresh sauce expects.

Olive oil can be moved directly mix of all kinds and Lenten knead dough is fed, can make salad and all sorts of mayonnaise, can daub, biscuit and other provision. With the food that olive oil blends, colour and lustre is bright, mouthfeel slippery bright, odour faint scent, having rich Mediterranean local color.

4, use olive oil souse

Had bloated with olive oil first before boil is fed, can add alimental meticulous feeling, still but throw into sharp relief is other flavor, abound mouthfeel.

5, use olive oil directly

Fancy when olive oil is being extracted to be used directly first, can make the characteristic of dish is developed extremely to. You can resemble use olive oil with salt in that way, because fancy olive oil is extracted to be able to make dish mouthfeel richer first, flavor is more wonderful. You are OK still will fancy olive oil is extracted to be added into any dish to use the food that balances taller acidity first, wait like vinegar of lemon juice, wine, bishop, tomato. It still can make all sorts of condiment in food taste more harmonious, if a few olive oil are added in the cooked food that put dressing, you can discover taste is better. Fancy olive oil is extracted to still can make food sweeter first, more slippery, flavour is more full-bodied.

6, use olive oil to bake carbonado

Olive oil still agrees with bake carbonado biscuit and desert. Olive oil is far the taste that compares butter is good, can use extensively at any sweetmeats and biscuit.

7, with olive oil cook

Did about the healthy edible method of a few olive oil above everybody understand? The method of a few edible of olive oil is very optional, everybody is OK the edible method that oneself try a few olive oil.

What effect and effect does olive oil have? How to pick good olive oil? (3)

The about olive oil effect that above heightens, believe everybody should have certain knowledge, when so we are picking olive oil, must a bit more careful, the person that is outer travel has read this article, should have certain knowledge more or less, after believing, had to olive oil deeper understanding, know to choose the method of olive oil.