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Can pregnant woman have royal jelly? Can pregnant woman have royal jelly?

Royal jelly we may not be to eat very more in daily life, include honey a lot of people are not eat via brushing, but a kind royal jelly is honey, and honey itself also is to have effect of a lot of effect, eat what a few still have profit to the body. So, what material effect effect does royal jelly have? If royal jelly pregnant woman eats can influential?

Can pregnant woman have royal jelly? Can pregnant woman have royal jelly? (1)


1, can pregnant woman have royal jelly


Pregnant woman can have royal jelly.

The part that contains in royal jelly is candy cent, protein, cholesterol, vitamin, all sorts of mineral and the hormone composition of certain amount, belong to tall nutrition material, pregnant woman but edible royal jelly comes nourishing oneself, but because contain the hormone of certain amount, pregnant woman does not suit to eat more.


2, pregnant woman takes royal jelly advantage



(1) installs an embryo to protect a fetus


The estrogen part of certain amount is contained in royal jelly, effect also can be produced inside body after edible, on the low side of estrogen of a lot of females, it is one of main reasons that cause what the female aborts, the effect that at that time edible royal jelly can have to benefit, install an embryo to protect a fetus, but need to issue edible in the doctor's doctor's advice, low without apparent estrogen do not suggest overmuch edible royal jelly.


(2) prevents gravid tall blood sugar


The peptide that one kind contains in royal jelly kind material, its structure and insulin are very similar, glycogen of blood sugar translate into can be promoted inside body former, it is to fall the specific of blood sugar, accordingly, edible can prevent gravid tall blood sugar.


(3) fights oxidation


Contain in royal jelly of a lot of fight oxidisability material, include vitamin C among them, exceed oxide branch to change enzymatic (SOD) , the freedom inside cleared body can be helped after edible base, the injury inside repair body, enhance recovery capability, still can defer consenescence, hairdressing is raised colour.


3, how much does royal jelly eat appropriate


Pregnant woman eats royal jelly to cannot exceed 50ml everyday.

Royal jelly also is mixed honey is same, can be drunk to water with Wen Shui, without clear limitation, but because contain certain hormone part, pregnant woman edible every time smaller part spoon can, edible quantity of a day is unfavorable also exceed 50ml, avoid estrogen to absorb overmuch, right instead fetal and unfavorable.


4, the effect effect of royal jelly


1, acid of pleasant of royal jelly flavour, sex is smooth, enter classics of lienal, liver; Have nourishing, strong, beneficial liver, be good at lienal effect; Frail, children is hidebound, senile after be being used at disease body declines, the disease such as ulcer of arthritis of contagious hepatitis, hypertensive disease, rheumatism, duodenum.

2, royal jelly moisten the respiratory tract is aperient effect is distinct. Great majority has the patient of chronic constipation, want to hold to the royal jelly of full amount of long-term profess to convinced only, basically can cast off costive worry.

3, royal jelly can enhance a variety of human body is right sending apparently the resistance of ill factor, the second birth that stimulative internal organs of the body organizes and rehabilitate, adjust endocrine and metabolism, return can effective land stomachic, improve Morpheus and promote grow development, have extremely strong health care function and medical treatment effect to human body.

4, royal jelly can strengthen airframe resistance to reach promote grow, profess to convinced or inject can increase the diameter of red blood cell and net to knit the haemoglobin of red blood cell, hematic iron content increases significantly, make plaque number increase.

5, it is OK to take royal jelly for a long time appetitive, enhance a constitution, angular person uses Yi Kezeng for a long time to add weight, make a person energetic, Morpheus is good, pleasurable.