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Eat cuttlefish what to profit there is? Have the benefit of cuttlefish fish and disadvantage?

Cuttlefish calls cuttlefish again, it is OK of edible, and cuttlefish has very good edible value. Contain in cuttlefish fish enrich the blood the nutrient part that raises blood, eat cuttlefish to be able to enrich the blood so, cuttlefish bone still is a kind of Chinese traditional medicine, difficult choice stops the action of belt, lukewarm lienal filling kidney. So, eat cuttlefish what to profit there is? Eat cuttlefish fish to there are those effects? Understand together!

Eat cuttlefish what to profit there is? Have the benefit of cuttlefish fish and disadvantage? (1)

1, how does cuttlefish eat preserve one's health

Ink fish is this renown black Zuo , beautiful branch, because encounter the meeting when the strong opponent with " ink jet " as the method that flee for one's life, reason is called cuttlefish again. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, salty, sex makes the same score cuttlefish flavour, enter classics of liver, kidney; Have raise blood, stimulate the menstrual flow, urge breast, fill kidney of lienal, beneficial, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, regulate the menstrual function, stop the effect of the belt; Can use at treating woman classics blood to be not moved, the disease such as oedema, arthritis with fixed pain caused by dampness, haemorrhoid, n/med beriberi. " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in call cuttlefish " blood distributes drug " ,

Press the traditional idea of our country traditional Chinese medical science, it is OK to treat a disease cure having drug and dietotherapy two kinds, dietotherapy is the edible function of a food and officinal value are united in wedlock together namely, this accords with traditional medical idea already, be close to the concept of contemporary health food again. Cuttlefish is the example that alimental edible function and function of medical health care perfect union is together. We introduce soup of this famous cuttlefish peach kernel for everybody here.

Material: Cruelly oppress of fresh ink fish 250 grams, peach kernel 20 grams, yellow rice or millet wine, soy, white sugar each are right amount.

Make a way: Rinse cuttlefish cruelly oppress clean, cut reserve; Peach kernel is abluent, flay reserves. Cuttlefish cruelly oppress is put into boiler, add peach kernel, clear water, flourishing adds yellow rice or millet wine, soy, white sugar after boil of baked wheaten cake, reoccupy small fire is boiled to know sth thoroughly can.

Effect: The delegate that just is amenorrhoea of remedial deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it originally square. Square in give priority to with cuttlefish cruelly oppress, it is assist a ruler in governing a country with peach kernel, raise blood first with regulate the menstrual function, a invigorate the circulation of blood with regulate the menstrual function, and give priority to in order to raise blood, But pregnant woman avoid uses this.

Those who need an attention is, the person with taste cold empty, have tall blood fat, high cholesterol the person of the cardiovascular disease such as hematic disease, arteriosclerosis, have disease of eczema, urticaria, gouty, kidney, diabetic person unfavorable edible cuttlefish. Because cuttlefish flesh is belonged to,this is change thing of swift as the wind, be opposite after afore-mentioned person edible oneself disease is harmful and profitless.

2, the edible method of cuttlefish bone

(1) the cuttlefish bone chicken that stew

Material: Take cuttlefish character 30 grams, angelica 30 grams, chicken 100 grams, refined salt, gourmet powder is right amount.

Practice: Cut chicken fourth, angelica section, cuttlefish bone is broken into pieces, load clear water is added inside the terrine 500 milliliter, refined salt is right amount, go up steam box evaporate is ripe, daily 1. General 3- - can get effective 5 times.

Effect: Cuttlefish bone has convergent and hemostatic effect, angelica and chicken are to enrich the blood beautiful is tasted, be opposite so deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it " result blood " have curative effect quite.

Advocate treat: Apply to deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it model.

(2) abdomen of the cuttlefish bone pig that stew

Material: Pig abdomen bone of 500 grams, cuttlefish the bulb of fritillary of 20 grams, short for Zhejiang Province 15 grams, frankincense 10 grams.


1, work repeatedly with right amount flour and abluent pig abdomen knead, what go up to pig abdomen is mucous be stuck completely, next reoccupy water is rinsed clean;

2, put pig abdomen and medicaments together, it is squashy and advisable to add a few salt and right amount cold water to use tummy of pig of slow fire decoction, again filter castration broken bits, pig abdomen mincing put reserve inside container.

Effect: The disappear that raise a stomach bilges, dispel Yu moisten the respiratory tract.

Advocate treat: Gastric ulcer, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice crosses Yu of much, blood.

(3) bone of wooden sweet cuttlefish medicinal powder

Material: Wood is sweet bone of 100 grams, cuttlefish 100 grams.


1, wood sweet abluent, insolation or drying, grind for fine pink.

2, cuttlefish bone uses clear water full, change water for many times repeatedly, rinse fishy smell, insolation or drying, grind for fine pink.

3, wood sweet mix together with cuttlefish bone dust, smooth, bottle is sealed. Daily 3, every time 5 grams.

Usage: Anteprandial half hours send with warm boiled water take: Or feather warm boiled water is moved into rare take mushily.

Effect: Travel gas and stomach, make acid;burst;ulcerate;fester more.

Advocate treat: Liver gloomy stagnation of the circulation of vital energy and the digestibility ulcer with more hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, disease sees gastral cavity ache, central heating, costal region bilges, extensive spits acerbity water.

(4) bone of cuttlefish of the rhizome of Chinese goldthread medicinal powder

Material: The rhizome of Chinese goldthread 150 grams, the fruit of medicinal cornal bone of 100 grams, cuttlefish 250 grams.

Practice: the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, bone of the fruit of medicinal cornal, cuttlefish together abluent, insolation or drying, grind for fine pink, airtight bottle reserves.

Usage: Daily 2. 3, overcome every time, hollow get down, send with warm boiled water take.

Effect: Fire of clear liver discharge, stop with the stomach vomit, make acid hemostatic.

Advocate treat: Heat of the gloomy in the stomach, irascibility makes enteron ulcer of the stomach, disease sees gastral cavity heat is painful, vomiting swallows acid to wait.