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Can be loach eaten raw? Can be loach eaten raw?

Loach contains a lot ofprotein high grade food one kind, use appropriately can bring a lot of profit for human body, nevertheless loach also has a lot of food to abstain from, although dietary method is much, but the place that also has attention of a lot of need, so can be loach eaten raw? Can be loach eaten raw? Loach had better not be eaten raw, detailed knowledge comes below specific reason.

Can be loach eaten raw? Can be loach eaten raw? (1)


1, can be loach eaten raw


Loach cannot be eaten raw. Loach and ricefield eel are the common fresh water fish in the rice field, that is to say the surroundings of this loach is silty, the grown loach in environment of this kind of epinosic is inherent not be very safe, pure in very big wholesome question, do not suit to eat raw.


2, eat loach raw to have what disadvantage



(1) is dyspeptic


Loach nutrition is rich, belong to high protein food, the cooking with sufficient course of this kind of protein need square but edible, just also can be digested adequately to absorb by gastric bowel, but if eat raw if, this kind of protein cannot be digested very well, cause the dyspeptic disease such as abdominal distension, diarrhoea.


(2) affects helminth


The loach relation as a result of surroundings, inside body affect helminth very easily, this kind contains the food with helminth high risk to need to undertake heating adequately handling, ensure of helminth exterminate, square but edible, if eat raw if, the helminth on very easy infection, cause helminth disease.


3, eat loach raw to be able to fall irascibility


Loach sex is smooth, flavour pleasant, belong to the tonic with wet dispel of gas of the beneficial in filling, diuresis, both neither of this kind of food belongs to cold sex, also do not belong to hot sex, algidity won't increase after edible, also won't add steam, also did not fall of course the effect with igneous cold drive, that is to say folk says eat loach raw to fall irascibility is incredibly.


4, the note that takes loach


1. loach belongs to high protein food, accordingly, cannot a large number of edible, cannot eat raw, more cannot edible of pass the night, lest cause indigestion.

More helminth exists inside 2. loach body, accordingly, must not eat loach raw, fall in order to expect irascibility, cannot rise to fall not only igneous effect, affect helminth instead.


5, notice of loach choose and buy


High grade loach

1. eye is raised, clear luster, vivid loach and mobile capability is strong best.

2. mouth branchial lock, branchial piece show vermeil or gules.

There is transparent mucus on 3. fish skin, and present a burnish.

Inferior reach poisonous loach

1. dead loach had better not be bought. Cause of death is unidentified, the likelihood is pesticide kill with poison.

2. eye caves, piscine skin mucus is dry lacklustre, the likelihood dies time is longer.

The loach with too fat 3. may use hormone.


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