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How does collocation eat the fruit more nutrition? Is fruit nutrition collocation how?

Draft fruit preserve one's health is kind of a kind of healthy preserve one's health, qualitative element of a variety of vitamins and mine is contained a lot ofin the fruit, ate beneficial to human body, different nevertheless fruit nutrition somewhat difference, tie-in move eats, nutrition just is met more rich, in different time paragraph, eat different fruit, so how does collocation eat the fruit more nutrition? Is fruit nutrition collocation how?

How does collocation eat the fruit more nutrition? Is fruit nutrition collocation how? (1)

1, fruity nutrition is tie-in

In the morning most appropriate, apple, pear, grape.

Eat a fruit in the morning, can help aid digestion absorb, advantageous and aperient, and fruity acid is sweet flavor, can let a person one day feel magical to Qing Dynasty enrages bright. Maw bowel passes one night after resting, the function still is in activation, digestive function is not strong. The fruit with because this acidity is not quite strong, acerbity not quite thick flavour, for instance apple, pear, grape suit very much.

Do not eat before eat, holy female fruit, orange, hawkthorn, banana, persimmon.

Having a few fruits is not OK be in anteprandial and hollow eat, wait like holy female fruit, orange, hawkthorn, banana. Solubility astringent is contained in holy female fruit, if hollow eat, be united in wedlock with respect to meeting and photograph of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and make force of gastric internal pressure elevatory cause bilge painful. A large number of organic acid are contained in orange, hollow the stomach of easy generation that feed bilges, haw is acerbity. Hawkthorn taste is sour, hollow the meeting gastralgia that feed. The Potassium in banana, magnesian content is higher, hollow eat banana, can make the magnesium in blood is measured lift and produce inhibition to the heart and vessels. Persimmon has convergent effect, encounter hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to be able to form persimmon stone, both neither can be digested, cannot eduction, after a large number of hollow taking food, can appear the symptom such as disgusting vomiting.

Meal hind should be chosen, pineapple, Chinese flowering quince, kiwifruit, orange, hawkthorn.

The pineapple protein that contains in pineapple is enzymatic can help digestive protein, enzymatic inadequacy is digested inside compensatory human body, enhance digestive function. Li Shizhen is in " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in also say, pineapple is OK vigour of be good at taste, solid. Eat hind eats some of pineapple, can appetizing suitable gas, solution is fat, aid digestion. The papaya ferment in papaya can help human body decompose the flesh kind protein, eat after the meal a few papaya, have certain effect to preventing gastric ulcer, gastroenteritis, indigestion to wait. Yangtao, orange, hawkthorn, contain a lot ofa large number of organic acid, can increase digest enzymatic active, promote adipose decompose, help aid digestion.

Food taken late at night calms the nerves, eat longan.

Fruit of draft of food taken late at night is gone against already digest, contain sugar because of the fruit again overmuch, cause quantity of heat easily superfluous, bring about fat. The fruit with fiber high content eats before falling asleep especially, the gastric bowel of plentiful can make Morpheus is affected, for poor to function of intestines and stomach person, have caustic health more. But if Morpheus is bad, can eat a few longan, it has calm the nerves the action that helps Mian, can let you sleep more spicily.

2, when does the fruit eat

1, anteprandial eat or meal hind eats

The fruit is anteprandial eat can add full abdomen touch, reduce prandial edible to measure, achieve goal reducing weight thereby. Like persimmon nevertheless this is planted the fruit with tannic acid higher content, unfavorable and hollow eat.

After fruit meal 1 hour eats, can help aid digestion. As long as prandial eating is not too full, the fruit does not eat to won't appear in great quantities after the meal abdominal distension circumstance.

The fruit is so anteprandial eat or eat after the meal, it is possible, can decide according to oneself be fond of.

2, it when eat a fruit is good to when eat a fruit

Be like between two eat in the morning at 10 o'clock or afternoon when 3 o'clock, draft fruit is best. This time paragraph have hungry feeling a bit, but did not nod to the meal again, right amount eat some of fruit to be able to alleviate hungry, still can avoid prandial when appear the circumstance that eat and drink too much.

3, the fruit eats much very

The fruit is contained a lot ofa variety of vitamins and mineral, still contain prandial fiber and healthful much phenol, kind yellow ketone fight oxidation material. But although fruit nutrition is good, eat much also can make quantity of heat absorbs mark of unfavorable balance of trade, cause fat.

4, it eat how much fruit everyday is good to eat how much fruit everyday

Eat 200-350 to overcome a fruit everyday appropriate. This weight is after pointing to take out peel, pit can the quantity of edible. Also be the amount that says to be able to eat an apple and an orange everyday namely. If love to eat a fruit particularly, can reduce the intake of staple food, lest total quantity of heat exceeds bid,cause fat.

5, it eat what fruit to compare is good to eat what fruit to compare

Common fruit if strawberry, watermelon, Hami melon, orange, pear, banana, grape, carry child, peach contain a lot ofbeneficial to the body nutriment, can choose according to oneself need and be fond of. Had better eat the fresh fruit when season nevertheless, do not eat addle fruit.