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What to eat an apple to should notice? What does the issue that takes an apple to want to notice have?

The apple is a kind of most common fruit in our life, a lot of people like to eat an apple very much at ordinary times, because very substantial nutrition part and very pretty good edible effect are contained mostly in the apple, so many people often can eat an apple, so what to eat an apple to should notice? What does the issue that takes an apple to want to notice have? What does the contraindication that eats an apple have?

What to eat an apple to should notice? What does the issue that takes an apple to want to notice have? (1)

1, take malic note

1, the apple shoulds not be feed together with seafood

Tannic acid is contained in the apple, eat the nutrient value that reduces choice seafood protein not only together with seafood, produce bellyacke, disgusting, vomiting easily still to wait. Manage together, other contain the fruit with much tannic acid, wait like strawberry, Yang Mei, persimmon, pomegranate, citric, grape, acerbity shaddock, unfavorable feed together with seafood.

Malic nutrition is very rich, to nibble slow pharynx wants when eating an apple, be helpful for digesting not only so, still can prevent disease to fight cancer.

2, eat an apple not to gnaw an apple nucleus

Malic nucleus contains a few harmful material- - hydrocyanic acid. A large number of deposit are in hydrocyanic acid the body, can bring about dizziness, have a headache, breathing rate is accelerated wait for a symptom, serious when the likelihood appears insensible.

But also need not worry overly, the hydrocyanic acid in the apple is main consist in pit, do not have in pulp. What need reminds is: The habit when eating an apple gnaws pit, although won't be brought about immediately toxic, but such for a long time eating, adverse to health really.

3, caution waxes apple

A lot of apples are growing in the process, excessive is used urge long white, urge red element, expand white, the excessive in perhaps be being deposited uses antiseptic, colorant also is used in selling even, wax, blanch coloring to wait, lend this contented consumer " take with appearance if really " psychology, these poisonous fruits had become the social effects of pollution of health of serious minatory people.

"Poisonous apple " dangerous: Expand element is urged, urge red element to grace, antiseptic lasts. Element of excessive use expand, urge red element, antiseptic to be able to harm liver. Retail fruit is peddled still can hit olefin of course of study of go to work to the apple, the purpose is to retain moisture, it is fruit body bright have sell.

Although say nutrient value of the apple,be very rich so, but if we want to have a healthy body, so we are about to notice from food, such ability let the health that the apple eats.

2, why should the apple go nucleus

1) malic nucleus poisonous

Malic flesh has profit very much for the body to us, but malic nucleus is poisonous however. Because there is the hydrocyanic acid of a few inside malic nucleus, it is bad to human body. If there are a lot of hydrocyanic acids in our body, the body is met uncomfortable.

2) of hydrocyanic acid endanger

What can hydrocyanic acid have to endanger to human body? A few hydrocyanic acid is in the body, the body is OK of the burden; But if there are a lot of hydrocyanic acids in the body, we ache with respect to meeting feeling in the end, giddy, breathing rate can become apparently fast, have more very person return meeting faint.

3) malic nuclear energy eats

Since there is potential toxic substance inside malic nucleus, so malic nucleus did not eat of course. Now and then eat not carefully to do not have a problem, but eat the body for a long time to be able to not bear so.

4) need not too afraid

Need not worry too at all, average person is do not eat malic nucleus! Even if eat not carefully to also do not have a problem, because be now and then only, the body can contend of course. But if have the strange habit that has malic nucleus for a long time, can get change changed.