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What congee nutrition does baby drink healthy? It what congee baby drinks is good that what congee baby drinks?

Of baby nurse the job wants particularly advertent, proper take good care of sb can be baby grows healthily. And the immune force of baby is inferior, proper diet can enhance the immune power of baby, can reduce baby effectively to come on thereby odds, have huge help to baby health. Darling understands to suit to drink what congee in detail below.

What congee nutrition does baby drink healthy? It what congee baby drinks is good that what congee baby drinks? (1)


1, milk congee


Raw material: Rice 50 grams, water 4 cups, milk powder 3 spoon.

Make a way: rice pan clean, use bleb 1 hour, put into boiler to boil congee. Fill an one bowl congee for baby, add 3 spoon powdered milk, mix is even can.

Nutrient little secret: Milky white of colour and lustre, ropy soft glutinous, the grandma is sweet full-bodied. This congee contains calcium to abound, it is the good origin with baby complement qualitative calcium.


2, yoke congee


Raw material: Egg 1, rice 50 grams, water 4 cups.

Make a way: rice pan clean, use bleb 1 hour, put into boiler to boil congee slow. Thoroughly cook the egg, huang Yan of egg extraction chicken becomes powder, in joining congee, mix even can. The gallinaceous albumen that has boiled can give baby to eat directly.

Nutrient little secret: This congee is ropy, have the rice sweet smell of thick alcohol, the iron that contains a lot ofinfantile development place to need is qualitative, appropriate edible of 6 months baby.

Attention: In making, rice should be boiled sodden, boil to ropy, put again after yoke bruise boil together inside congee.


3, rotten congee of green vegetables flesh


Raw material: Rice 50 grams, green vegetables 20 grams, lean lean (pork or chicken all but) 20 grams, soup-stock 4 cups.

Make a way: Rice is abluent, with bleb 1 ~ 2 hours, put bowl inside, add soup-stock, infusion is controlled half hours. Wash green vegetables clean, put boiled water boil inside boiler soft, mincing reserve. Again lean lean abluent slice, add a few refined salt, into boiler, water leaves boil 10 minutes, take out cut the flesh rotten. Next, the meat Mei Heqing dish is added in boiling good congee.

Nutrient little secret: The flesh kind protein can enhance baby constitution, prevent a disease; Vegetable contains a lot ofa vitamin, conduce to baby development.


4, congee of pork liver mud


Raw material: Pork liver, rice 50 grams, soup-stock 4 cups.

Make: Rice joins soup-stock, small fire boils congee shape slow. Take section of pork liver a few, add a few salt and cooking wine to fry ripe, go raw meat or fish flavors, put into mixer to be hit into slimy shape next, mix in congee, continue to boil 5 minutes can.

Nutrient little secret: The iron in pork liver is abounded character, it is to enrich the blood the most commonly used food in food, this congee is adjustable with improvement anaemic.


5, piscine congee


Raw material: Rice 150 grams, weever (or other is meaty the fish of little thorn) , soup-stock 4 cups.

Make: Rice joins soup-stock, small fire boils congee shape slow. The fish is whole evaporate is ripe go bone, winkle is right amount cruelly oppress is mincing, mix in congee, join a few salt, boil 5 minutes can.

Nutrient little secret: Cruelly oppress nutrition is rich and easy be digested to absorb by human body, have be good at head the effect of beneficial wisdom, suit baby to eat very much.


6, carrot congee


Raw material: Carrot 10 grams, rice 50 grams, soup-stock 4 cups. Make: The meal joins soup-stock, small fire boils congee shape slow. After carrot is abluent, evaporate is ripe pound mud, join congee inside, thoroughly cook can.

Nutrient little secret: This congee is sweet and goluptious, baby loves to eat very much, and the element such as not among them vitamin A, saturated fatty acid, carotene is very helpful to promoting the eyesight growth of baby.


7, walnutmeat congee


Raw material: Hickory benevolence 20 grams (3 - 5) , rice or polished glutinous rice 30 grams. Make: First rice abluent, put bowl inside, add the low baking temperature after water to boil to half ripe; Will fry ripe hickory benevolence crumb put congee in, boil to ropy.

Nutrient little secret: Walnutmeat contains the microelement such as rich protein, adipose, calcic, phosphor, zinc, what contain much not saturated fatty acid very beneficial to the cerebrum development of baby.

Attention: Walnut oiliness fat is more, do not eat to baby too much, lest injure taste function.


8, baby falls ill nurse notice


1, rest adequately. The good rest when the cold is crucial, want to make the child much sleep a little while as far as possible, reduce outdoors activity appropriately, do not make baby tired wear.

2, the food that recuperates good little patient. Make baby much drink a bit water, enough moisture can make rhinal secretion a bit rarer, clear easily. Make the child much eat a few fruits that contain a lot ofvitamin C and fruit juice. Chicken broth can enhance immune power, relieve the symptom of the cold, might as well Bao dot lets baby drink. Eat milk products less as far as possible, because this kind of food can increase the exudation of mucus. To the child that appetite drops, the parent ought to prepare the food of beautiful of all of a few digestible, lubricious fragrance.

3, let a little patient sleep better off. If baby nose was blocked up, on mat 9 towel can leave in mattress bottom, drive up of head in a way can alleviate n&v snuffle. Must not let two years old the following little patient sleeps on the pillow directly or be pillow mat below mattess, that meeting is caused choke or injure cervical vertebra.

4, can be in of baby outside on a bit petrolatum is wiped in nostril, often can reduce nose jam; If nasal mucus is sticky stiff, can try to use suck bazoo implement or will medical tampon twists small strong record, touch the drivel in baby nose.

5, maintain air wet. Can increase the humidity of little patient bedroom with humidifier, especially night, can help the child breathe more smoothly. Did not forget to use white vinegar and water cleanness humidifier everyday, in order to avoid dirt and bacteria gather.

6, wash a Turkish bath for the little patient. The baby on the belt goes bathroom, open the shower nozzle of hot water or shower, close the door, let baby be in be full of steam stay 15 minutes in the house, the n&v snuffle degree of baby can improve greatly certainly. Bath hind did not forget to change Gan Shuang's clothes for the child instantly. If let baby play a little while in a bit hot water, the symptom that also can relieve its n&v snuffle and hypothermia.