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How to eat barbecue not to cause cancer? How to eat barbecue best?

A lot of people like to eat barbecue very much at ordinary times, because the flavour of barbecue is very exciting inviting, so many people often can eat barbecue. But we know, eating barbecue can bring a few adverse effects to our body, so how to eat barbecue best? How to eat barbecue not to cause cancer? Eat barbecue to want what to thing notice?

How to eat barbecue not to cause cancer? How to eat barbecue best? (1)

1, do not add lemon with barbecue of tinfoil paper paper

If use fish of wrap up of tinfoil paper paper. Fleshy barbecue, do not wait for acidity fruit like lemon again, wrap up is baked together! Belong to a metal because of tinfoil paper paper kind, when metal and acidity material mix together to bake, the chemistry since the meeting changes, the carcinogen with easy harmful to the person generation!

2, eat barbecue to add citric relieve internal heat or fever

When barbecue, if put the meat on fleshy wearing directly, besides bake thoroughly ripe outside, sear part should discard, lest take carcinogenic substance! Before edible, remember dripping on fresh lemon juice, besides adding special flavor, lemon has alexipharmic effect on medium VitC!

3, citric bath makes the skin whiter fair-skinned

Lemon is worth campaign, the price is not expensive, might as well constant choose and buy, ferial cut it squeeze into juice to add cold boiled water to add some of candy partly drinkable! The citric skin of short duration that has squeezed does not discard, put in washroom, no matter wash facial bath to let skin more young tender Bai Xi!

4, toothpaste divides velar grape cleaner

When eating a grape, take scissors to reduce share of root the base of a fruit first, make its withhold complete grain, immerse the brine that dilute crosses, achieve the result of disappear bacterium, rinse clean surface to still remain a white film, can squeeze some of toothpaste, grape park palm, add rub gently to knead, after rinsing too, completely can glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, taste more set one's mind at!

5, cheeper drink syrup prevents constipation

Cheeper is gotten in the home, have the bad habit of the partial eclipse that carry the mouth easily, often cause the appearance of celiac Zhang constipation! Not the brown sugar that Fang uses one smooth spoon, mix the warm boiled water of 100 cc, mix is even, let the child be drunk slowly below, be in in order to arrange clock direction like abdomen abdomen again, massage gently, before long, child urine of boys under 12 is OK and successful defecate!

6, what to eat to fall after eating barbecue fire

(1) eats pear of rock candy snow

Pear of rock candy snow has raise shade to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, embellish lung clear dry, relieve a cough expectorant effect, to lobar dry cough, dry cough takes blood to have very good auxiliary curative effect without phlegmy, cough up phlegm. Take the suffer from excessive internal heat after barbecue, pharynx and larynx is aching, phlegmy in those who take hematic silk is OK eat more.

(2) drinks gram water

Gram has the effect of clear hot detoxify, the talking around after eating barbecue gives birth to sore, guttural gall, can take 50 grams gram to be put into boiling water, lid boiler boils 3 minutes. Right now, shang Se still is the colour and lustre that olivine clarifies, water of bail out gram is drunk directly, or the rock candy that increase a point is drunk, because at this moment gram water contains many much phenol kind material, clear hot alexipharmic intention is the strongest.

(3) eats suffering raw melon

Balsam pear sex is cold, heat having Qing Dynasty plays the effect of the fire, detoxify that discharge poison, eat what usable cure get angry causes raw to n/med having blood in one's stool, gum gall. If cannot accept balsam pear to eat raw, can extract juice hind to add a few honey to be drunk again, fall igneous effect is very good also.

(4) drinks lotus seed core congee

Cold, flavour suffers from sex of lotus seed core, heart having Qing Dynasty goes the hot, hemostatic, effect that relieve a cough, use the congee that boil to drink, the constipation that get angry of OK and auxiliary cure brings about, haemorrhoid. Take the suffer from excessive internal heat after barbecue, the clear bowel of congee of lotus seed core that can take 2-3 day continuously discharges poison, clear heart to fall fire.

(5) drinks chrysanthemum scented tea

Chrysanthemum tea has San Fengqing the action with hot, clear alexipharmic and bright eye, antiphlogistic liver, cough of the get angry after barbecue, pharynx and larynx is unwell and OK tipple. Of sweetmeat of be fond of, can add a few rock candy, wet one's whistle falls igneous effect will be better.

(6) drinks wax gourd kelp soup

Pleasant of wax gourd flavour, sex is cold, have the effect of water of disappear heat, benefit, detumescence, usable Yu Huan solves gall of the pharynx and larynx after eating barbecue. Kelp also is food of cold cool sex, and contain a lot ofcolloid, the carcinogenic substance that takes inside body can be accumulated after next fire can help eduction eat barbecue again already.