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How does baby winter fill the body? What does baby winter preserve one's health eat?

Darling is in easy in the winter cold, cough, because the body constitution of baby is weaker,this is, after catch cold catch cold of catch a cold catch a cold fall ill easily, so, in winter treasure Mom should notice body of baby build up one's health by rest and by taking nourishing food. Winter filling body can pass the recuperation on food, eat the food with a few rich nutrition for instance, so, how does baby winter fill the body? What does baby winter preserve one's health eat?

How does baby winter fill the body? What does baby winter preserve one's health eat? (1)

1, the medicinal food feeds allowance warm winter

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, infant internal organs of the body is delicate, body odor was not filled, be " shade of childish in relief childish " body. "Shade " it is to point to the essence inside body, blood, body fluid thing that has corporeal sex; "In relief " it is the activity that points to each viscera physiology functions. Darling is " childish this world was not filled, childish shade is not long " , each internal organs of the body are particularly right now delicate, because this gets extremely easily the influence of all sorts of climate conditions. Winter is the season of conserce strength and store up energy, reasonable into fill can lay next good foundations for the health of baby next year. Civilian adage says: "Winter is nourishing, the coming year hits a tiger " , it is reasonable.

In in the winter, 3 kinds of baby need to enter especially fill: The baby with body and mental slow growth; Weak and sick at ordinary times, fear cold baby; The baby of digestive function difference, inappetence, easy diarrhoea.

2, how does anorexia child use

Constant companion has this kind of child appetite difference, anaemic, be short of zinc, weight growth is slow, suffer from indigestion easily, often have vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal distension, lack of power wait for a symptom. Because difference of function of frail, enteron causes taste,be more.

Advance filling principle: Appropriate eats the be good at taste, food that aids carry to change, be like the food such as beans of rice, wheaten, sesame seed, spinach, ginger, Bai Luobo, plum, apple, kiwifruit, yam, Bai Bian, eel. To the children of anorexia, usable yam, rice boil congee, have be good at lienal appetizing action.

3, immune power is low how to fill

Much thin and small of this kind of child, often suffer from infection of the upper respiratory tract, cough, diarrhoea to wait, appetite owes beautiful, often have a relapse to make health is affected instead.

Advance filling principle: Enough protein, right amount vitamin and element of one a bit quantity have immune adjustment function, the key should complement acid of vitamin A, C, E, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, folic acid, bezoar and copper, iron, zinc. Because the vigor of immune cell is to rely on protein, adipose, carbohydrate, inorganic salt and vitamin,wait for nutriment to be managed together, so, first principle of food is to should abide by a balance prandial. Stay of proceedings of glossy ganoderma, fresh turnip, dawdle, hedgehog hydnum, straw mushroom, black agaric, tremella, lily, Xianggu mushroom all can enhance immune power, weak and sick child should have more appropriately.

4, how does the child that is short of calcium use

The child is short of calcium to be able to affect constitution growth, can appear grow painful, produce brothers to perspire convulsively, lack of powerly, easily, some still can appear power of nocturnal Jing, immunity is low.

Advance filling principle: Filling calcium with effect of edible dairy produce best, because milk is medium not only calcic content is high, and its absorptivity is tall also. The children that is short of calcium is daily but edible 500 grams milk, morning and evening each are drinkable 250 grams, yi Ke is divided second drinkable, the child that does not love to drink milk can choose yoghurt. At ordinary times but the food that much edible contains calcium to abound, wait like bean products, dried small shrimps, crisp fish, kelp, Xianggu mushroom, agaric, notice to choose the food that contains vitamin D to abound even, if yoke, animal is hepatic,wait. Bask more, the safeguard that strengthening campaign is success filling calcium.

5, baby and adult are nourishing distinction

For example, the food of big Xin Dare or medicaments, be like blood of venison, deer, ginseng, adult application is passable, little baby application is improper, because these cordial can promote the reproductive system growth of baby, premature excessive is taken can cause sexual precocity.

Be like again, the digestion function of baby is poorer than adult, below cold stimulation, cause indigestion extremely easily, appear even disgusting, vomiting, diarrhoea. So, be in nourishing when, food of sex of a few animals, be like hotpot, beef, must stew soundly sodden, digest easily what make, ability achieves nourishing goal.

To the child, science of a day of 3 eat is reasonable and tie-in it is the most important. Accomplish collocation of element of meat or fish, eat vegetable, fruit and food of commissariat and so on more. The attune such as soup of ginseng of red jujube, prince, longan fills to suit the child most.

6, commonly used medicinal food is recommended

, a thick soup of lotus seed lily

Can benefit lung of taste, embellish, peaceful heart calms the nerves. Agree with children is daily edible.

DIY: With lotus seed 15 grams, dry lily 15 grams, egg 1, white sugar is right amount. Go to lotus seed core, put inside earthenware pot with hundred contract, add right amount clear water, slow fire is boiled rot to lotus seed flesh, rejoin egg, white sugar. After the egg is thoroughlied cook can edible.

2, soup of Na Xingrun lung

Can benefit lung is lung of angry, embellish, expectorant relieve a cough. Agree with when weather is dry or the children that lobar gas coughs infirmly, easily is drinkable at ordinary times, also can use at pneumonic convalescence to move filling body.

DIY: With Na Xing apricot of 12 grams, north 9 grams, candied date or jujube 4, pig lung 200 grams. Flay of apricot of Na Xing, north, pig lung is abluent cut small, fry in iron bowl with a few cooking oil fully, add right amount boiled water, put inside earthenware pot together with candied date or jujube, Bao 1-2 hour, can edible.

3, Gorgon fruit crucian carp piscine soup

Can fill gas, be good at kidney of lienal, solid. Agree with the children that weak, inappetence, defecate does not move taste or general children are daily edible, can enhance taste function.

DIY: With Gorgon fruit yam of 15 grams, Henan fish of 15 grams, crucian carp 1 (about 150 grams) . Crucian carp fish goes scale, branchial reach splanchnic, inside iron bowl with a few cooking oil decoct comes flaxen, put earthenware pot together with Gorgon fruit, yam next inside, add Bao of right amount clear water 1 hour, flavor with salt, can edible.

4, float is wheaten pig heart boiling water

But be good at lienal beneficial is angry, peaceful heart calms the nerves, beneficial of be good at head wisdom.

DIY: Choose float wheat 25 grams, big jujube 5, pig heart 1, longan flesh 6 grams. Pig heart subtense dissections, abluent accumulate blood, big jujube goes nucleus, expect on put bowl together inside, add right amount clear water, bao 1 hour, flavor can edible.

5, ginseng method is old jujube soup

But be good at lienal beneficial is angry, commonly used owe beautiful, defecate at accept of body tired, stomach not the children of free. General children is drinkable, also but be good at lienal appetizing.

DIY: Choose dangshen 10 grams, Yun Ling 20 grams, the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes is 6 grams, big jujube 5, bright duck kidney 1. Yun Ling is broken into pieces, big jujube goes nucleus, sliver of bright duck kidney, after the gold inside duck is abluent with on makings put together put bowl inside, add Bao of right amount clear water 1 hour, flavor but edible.

6, white turnip jellied bean curd

Raw material: Water bean curd 500 grams, bailuo predicts 1, powder of starch, refined salt, balm, garlic each are right amount

DIY: Wash Bai Luobo clean, cut short silk to reserve. Water bean curd uses boiled water scald, slice. Wrap turnip silk on amylaceous, put into lukewarm oily boiler to be fried, add water to be boiled, put water bean curd, boil 10 minutes, tick off thin Gorgon euryale, put refined salt, drench on balm, add the end that nod garlic, smooth can.

Advance filling focal point: Bai Luobo and bean curd are calcic wonderful origin, rachitic to preventing and cure effect having fine. Bo Youneng of white trailing plants is disappear accumulating sluggish, expectorant heat, wide in next gas, remedial dyspepsia bilges the disease such as aphonia of full, cough. Folk has " the winter eats turnip summer to take a surname, not fatigue doctor prescribe " say. Bean curd divides calcium besides, still contain rich protein, nutrition is good.

7, carrot fries pork liver

Raw material: Carrot 200 grams, pork liver 100 grams, vegetable oil, green Chinese onion,

7, what does baby filling head have

Banana: Banana nutrition rich, quantity of heat is low, contain call " the salt of wisdom " phosphor, banana is the super origin of lubricious ammonia acid and vitamin B6, contain those who abound is mineral, especially the content of potassium ion is higher, the banana of a moderate volume contains the potassium of 451 milligram, often take the effect that has be good at head.

Kelp: Kelp contains the nutrient part such as rich linoleic acid, lecithin, have the function of be good at head, the sulphur in the sea alga food such as kelp kind material, more in cerebrum indispensable.

Sesame seed: Sesame seed nutrition is very rich, especially content of not saturated fatty acid is very high. Accordingly, often eat sesame seed to be able to provide enough energy and nourishment for cerebrum.

Sunflower seed: The microelement such as rich iron, zinc, Potassium, magnesium and vitamin E, the filling head with make sunflower seed has certain function of be good at brain. Carry out a proof, be fond of the person that feeds sunflower seed, not only the skin is ruddy, delicate, and cerebrum thinking is nimble, have a good memory, in an orderly way of the way one speaks or what he says.

Egg: The protein of the egg is high grade protein, gallinaceous yoke contains rich lecithin, triglyceride, cholesterol and yolk element, have main effect to nerval development, have enhance memory, be good at head the effect of beneficial wisdom.

Fish: The fish is one of first selection food that promote intellectual growth. Very rich lecithin is contained in piscine head, it is the nerve in person head gives qualitative main source, can enhance the person's memory, thinking and analytic ability, can control cerebral cell degrade, defer consenescence. Cruelly oppress still is the admirable origin with high grade protein and qualitative calcium, attach most importance to especially to the normal growth of cerebrum and eye should.

Milk: Milk is the admirable origin of D of B12 of high grade protein, riboflavin, Potassium, calcium, phosphor, vitamin, vitamin, these nutriment can provide an a variety of needed nourishment for cerebrum.

Pumpkin: The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, pleasant of pumpkin sex flavour is smooth, heart having Qing Dynasty wakes cerebral function, medicable dizziness, be perturbed, thirsty wait for disease of flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability. Accordingly, the person that neurasthenic, memory drops, do pumpkin dish edible, daily 1, period of treatment is not restricted, have better remedial effect.