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Infecund not it what drug Yo takes is good that what drug Yo takes? Infecund not Yo dietotherapy medicinal food is recommended

Infecund not Yo is the disease that a lot of modern contract, have a plenty of congenital implement pledge sexual element is brought about, because acquired a few elements are brought about,have a plenty of, the habits and customs of a lot of people and dietary habit are undeserved now, bring about very easily infecund not Yo. Infecund not Yo can take medicine cure, but medicaments has very big side effect to the body, might as well dietotherapy of board trying drug, so, infecund not what does Yo dietotherapy medicinal food have?

Infecund not it what drug Yo takes is good that what drug Yo takes?

1, infecund barren medicinal food is recommended

Soup of Bao of ginger of 1. hotpot angelica

Hotpot thinks to be used as by the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times infecund not Yo is nourishing feed capable person, hotpot flesh is qualitative fresh and tender, contain a lot ofrich protein, fill play yuan of effect remarkable, especially black goat flesh is more nourishing. Deserve to be mixed with ginger angelica is beneficial kidney regulate the menstrual function, enrich the blood Wen Yang's effect. Advocate because blood of essence of life is insufficient,treat, what what kidney empty this world reachs fortunately is infecund not Yo. Angelica raises blood to move blood, ginger of; of solid courage and uprightness gives birth to warm this world, kidney of lukewarm Gong Nuan, with hotpot Shang Xiaoguo of a Bao is apparent.

Chicken broth of black of 2. Chinese caterpillar fungus

Bug of wintry bug summer is very valuable Chinese traditional medicine material, yin and yang having shift by liver the effect of kidney, have meritorious service of very good take good care of sb to empty of kidney of female deficiency of yin with irritability especially in order to have, match with Shang Jishi of black chicken Bao much better, regulate the menstrual function raises blood, the action of empty of filling kidney beneficial. The female is long because the body is frail, the inadequacy that enrage blood those who bring about is infecund not Yo eats this medicinal food to adjust the result much better. The female has pregnant level eats chicken of black of Chinese caterpillar fungus a few times, pregnant having urge raises the effect of pregnant. At ordinary times female menses, menstruate is not moved wait for a symptom, also can use recuperation menstruation to be not moved, gas blood the two disease that wait for female deficiency of yin with irritability fortunately.

Bao of desert cistanche Cistanche desekticola of 3. ovine kidney

Respecting sheep kidney treats kidney to have a deficit, had had in our country folk thousands of year the history. Ovine kidney is animal kidney in most the filling kidney that benefit absorbs at human body feeds one of capable person, use in folk very wide. The ancients and cultured of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine are raise cure in order to feed, what to eat to fill namely the meaning of what. Ovine kidney contains rich nutrient material and microelement, have the effect of lukewarm kidney filling Nie, strong strong marrow, match with effect of desert cistanche Cistanche desekticola much better. Do not move to female menstruation, menstruation is exiguous, woman morbid, wei is cold be afraid of cold, female private parts is dry, do not be fond of sex to wait those who bring about is infecund not Yo has very good recuperation effect.

4. sealwort stew

Fresh pork is washed clean, cut small, cross water to go sundry go raw meat or fish. Prepare superior sealwort and pork to deserve to wait with ginger of wine, salt, green together flavor, put the handleless cup that stew to lie between water to send ripe, OK edible, soup and fleshy sealwort can eat. This medicinal food raises hematic filling gas, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood to originally yuan, do not move because of blood of essence of life to the female, what exiguous place causes period is infecund not Yo has recuperation effect.

But those who want an attention is, hot and dry summer should keep away from as far as possible when the female is involving nourishing medicinal food into phase of an eclipse, with Qiu Dong two season are advisable. The summer comes is body be unable to stand, and coming is human body much sweat, eat the thing that go in to do not have effect of good take good care of sb. What the female notices even is, dietotherapy should cooperate good habits and customs and dietary habit, assure enough rest, proper activity in order to improve health, just conduce to be pregnant.

2, precaution is infecund not what does Yo eat

1, fig: Fig is contained can adjust richly sex hormone excretive β - carotene and enhance a desire, decrease the vitamin C of pressure with delay, fig still contains rich calcium.

2, mango: Mango contains rich β - carotene, at the same time mango also contains the functional; that has the estrogen inside stimulative body and Gao ketone generation many vitamin C, it can assure spermatozoon won't sluggish writtens guarantee together, can assist cure infecund not Yo.

3, tomato: Scientist discovery, your tomato soup presents gules eggplant red element, can become the spermatozoon aggrandizement inside male body probably super spermatozoon, the scientist concludes from this the man wants daily drink only soup of a bowl of tomato, aux will be able to increases greatly infecund not the fecundity of Yo patient.

4, plum: The nutrient value with the most fundamental plum depends on hurried digesting, it still contains plant estrogen, this kind of hormone can adjust it still contains the balance; of female hormone rich iron and calcium.

5, apricot: Almond is contained rich magnesium and a lot of can adjust one of fundamental premise elements that prostate element excretive needs prostate element of fatty acid; is sex hormone generation; in addition, almond contains many calcium, zinc, folic acid, vitamin B2, vitamin B3 and vitamin E, accordingly, it is one kind treats infecund disease and the important food that raise a desire.

6, blackberry and strawberry: Fruit of two kinds of saturate contains rich vitamin C, they are sexual food buys one of very main provision on sheet they still contain; rich vitamin E; and vitamin E is helpful for raising sexual impulse, infecund to cure not Yo is helpful, still can maintain skin softness, contain stretch; in addition, they are calcium, magnesium and β - the optimal food source of carotene content.

7, banana: Alkaloid is contained in the closest from banana skin fresh the flesh of fruit -- N-2 is methylic - 5- hydroxide lubricious amine, it has the balance that maintains cerebrum nerve to conduct element, enhance mood and the functional; desire that enhance self-confident heart low often concern the person that those self-confident hearts lack; with psychological element everyday the banana; that there must be certain amount in prandial structure is additional, banana still contains rich β - carotene and vitamin C.

8, papaya: Papaya and mango are same, belong to fruit having a nucleus together, it be the same as the β with almost identical mango - after the papaya juice with carotene and vitamin fresh and tender C; adds lemon juice, flavour becomes more delicious it can resemble the nutrient value; that; may have the black nucleus that the person understands it rarely the pulverize in be being put in beater like flaxseed and sesame seed, so that what it contains the indispensible fatty acid that can promote sex hormone to arise is absorbed adequately inside body; papaya still contains rich calcium and magnesium.