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Does baby eat cod-liver oil what to side effect there is? Does baby take the side effect of cod-liver oil?

The nutrition of cod-liver oil is very rich, edible hind is very beneficial to human body, exemple if a few people that have nyctalopia are proper,a few cod-liver oil are opposite edible the illness is very beneficial, because this needs,the parent can give baby edible cod-liver oil. So does baby eat cod-liver oil what to side effect there is? What is the side effect that baby takes cod-liver oil? Does baby eat cod-liver oil to you can complement what nutrition?

Does baby eat cod-liver oil what to side effect there is? Does baby take the side effect of cod-liver oil? (1)


1, the side effect that baby takes cod-liver oil


Cod-liver oil excessive side-effect

Darling takes cod-liver oil overdose, the likelihood causes toxic condition, specific have the following show:

Disease of the high pressure inside skull

Expression is have a headache, vomiting, before Xin apophysis, bone seams fission, be exactly like encephalitis, meningitis. As a result of,this is vitamin A action at clump of the sequence of thought inside skull, make its secrete a large number of moisture, have not enough time to absorb temporarily, make heighten of force of skull internal pressure, oppressive head is organized, happen so have a headache, vomiting.


2, skin symptom


Skin Sao is urticant, the palm, thenar desquamate, quarrel chaps, still can parenchyma oppresses, but the phenomenon that does not have red heat.

Other symptom

1, liver splenomegaly, have haemorrhage tendency. Touch the skin to have ecchymosis namely, see A of vitamin of Yu Man sex is toxic more case of illness.

2, arm appearance of spirit of painful, skeletal ache, cervical, waist organizes painful, leg proliferous, expression is false sex osteoma.

3, hair is exiguous, be agitated, irritable, have a fever etc.


3, cod-liver oil is toxic how to do


Once be cod-liver oil certainly toxic, should stop immediately take cod-liver oil, lest vitamin A continues,absorb. Virulent poisoning, stop drug two days, infusion reachs pair of disease processing, the symptom can disappear; Chronic and toxic person after week of 1-2 stopping drug, have a headache, the symptom such as vomiting also can disappear quickly.


1, add cod-liver oil to baby, must fall in doctor guidance, choose the form of a drug, dosage and term of service correctly, in case excessive.

2, in the course that taking cod-liver oil, want to observe the child's have a bowel movement, when if hair is existing dyspeptic phenomenon, answer to reduce the dosage of cod-liver oil appropriately, wait for the child to suit, increase gradually again after defecate is normal.


1, filling what is baby has cod-liver oil



(1) eats A of cod-liver oil filling vitamin


Vitamin A main function is to maintain airframe to grow normally, reproduction, vision, epithelial tissue is reached soundly fight infection immunity. The vitamin can cause baby skeleton stunt when A lack; Affect growth of dental enamel cell, bring about a tooth function of immunity of; of damage of structure of diseased; epithelial tissue is low and easy cause all sorts of infection with respiratory tract, enteron and urethral secrete.


(2) eats D of cod-liver oil filling vitamin


Vitamin D main function is the absorption of mucous membrane of stimulative small intestine to calcic, phosphor; Stimulative kidney canaliculus is absorbed of phosphor again to calcium. Path of bowel of calcic phosphor classics can be caused to absorb when vitamin D is lacked decrease, spirit appearance organizes calcification obstacle, rachitic wait. Expression is easy Jing, much sweat, be agitated and skeletal change.


(Is 3) baby has cod-liver oil filling calcium


Either. Cod-liver oil cannot fill calcic, it does not contain calcium, it is cod-liver oil can be promoted only absorb calcicly, because it contains vitamin D. So cannot pure support cod-liver oil fills calcic, take professional calcium tablet even at the same time. Some children calcium tablet has calcium and vitamin D at the same time now, eat to the child such, more scientific, the child has the it may not be a bad idea that the calcium that go in draws.