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Raise a bright eye what to boiling water drink? It what raise a bright eye to eat is good to raise a bright eye to eat?

A lot of people are to be paid attention to very much at ordinary times maintain of the eye, because of the eye to us it is very important for everybody, so many people can eat a few can raise a bright purpose food, among them many people can choose to drink raise a bright purpose soup, so raise a bright eye what to boiling water drink? It what raise a bright eye to eat is good to raise a bright eye to eat? What to raise a bright purpose soup to have?

Raise a bright eye what to boiling water drink? It what raise a bright eye to eat is good to raise a bright eye to eat? (1)

1, raise a bright eye soup

(Soup of beef of bamboo of jade of a surname of 1) the Huaihe River

Burden: Yam 30 grams, a surname child 10 grams, yu Zhu 30 grams, beef 150 grams, flavoring is right amount.

Practice: Part yam, handle and jade bamboo abluent; beef is abluent, section; uses right amount water, fierce anger Bao boils to water, put stuff. Make an appointment with 3 hours with Bao of medium baking temperature, join flavoring can.

Effect: Filling empty repose, bright eye filling liver.

(Soup of pork liver of salty egg of 2) three-colored amaranth

Material: Three-colored amaranth is 400 grams, salty duck's egg 1, pork liver 150 grams, ginger 3.

Cook: Three-colored amaranth is abluent, cut hull of paragraph of; salty egg, knife back pressure makes the same score yoke, cut 3, albumen mixes pork liver of divide evenly; is abluent, cut chip, with unripe pink, unboiled oil, unripe smoke each a few to mix divide evenly. Huo having oil explodes ginger, next three-colored amaranth are fried to soft, add boiling water to roll boil, next yoke, pork liver boils make an appointment with 6~7 minute, issue albumen fluid equably, transfer into wine of carry on of right amount salt, a few but. For 3~4 person quantity.

(Soup of 3) medlar pork liver

Raw material: Medlar 50 grams, pork liver 400 grams, ginger 2, saline a few.

Practice: Clear water washs clean medlar. Pork liver, ginger is washed clean with clear water respectively. Pork liver section, ginger flay cuts 2. Add medlar, ginger right amount clear water first, fierce anger Bao is controlled 30 minutes. Convert Bao of medium baking temperature is controlled 45 minutes, put pork liver again. Wait for pork liver squashy, add salt to flavor can. Morning and evening each.

Effect: Essence of filling empty beneficial, qing Dynasty heats up dispel the wind, beneficial blood bright eye. Prevent the black rim of the eye that place of liver kidney deficient empty causes.

(4) chrysanthemum carrot soup

Raw material: Chrysanthemum 6 grams, carrot 100 grams, chopped green onion 5 grams, salt is right amount, gourmet powder 2 grams, clear soup is right amount, balm 5 grams.

Practice: 1. Carrot is abluent cut piece, put dish in stand-by. 2. Boiler get angry, infuse clear soup, after putting chrysanthemum, salt, carrot, thoroughly cook. 3. Drench on balm, scatter tasty seed, soup basin is filled after giving boiler can.

Nutrient evaluation: Cool, flavour suffers from chrysanthemum sex, enter classics of lung, liver, kidney, have the effect of clear hot detoxify, cool blood, carrot flavour pleasant, sex is smooth, enter classics of lienal, stomach, lung. A carrot contains many β - carotene, but grow liver, raise blood, bright eye. β - carotene is puissant antioxidant, can prevent a cell to suffer destroy the cancerous pathological change that cause, prevent premature senility and cataract. Chrysanthemum carrot Shang Qing is weak, small sweet, summary belt faint scent, contain vitamin A to abound, but grow liver, raise blood, bright eye, often feed can prevent an order dim-sighted.

Diet: Carrot avoid of; of diet of the person that have gastric cold disease and overmuch acetic acid are fed together, destroy among them carotene easily otherwise.

A surname of the tuber of elevated gastrodia child head of the pig that stew (benefiting liver kidney, have one's ideas straightened out bright eye wait for effect)

Material: The tuber of elevated gastrodia 10 grams, medlar 10 grams, pig head, ginger 1.

Make: The tuber of elevated gastrodia, a surname child, ginger bathe is clean. Pig head is abluent and blood-red, and as far as possible the hematic muscle of surface of purify pig head. Will all material puts the handleless cup that stew inside, add right amount clear water, lie between water to stew 1 hour with medium baking temperature, every 3 days are stewed take.

Effect: Benefiting liver kidney, have one's ideas straightened out bright eye, apply to swimmy have a headache, information not acute hearing, the empty fatigue inadequacy, neurasthenic person that wait for expression.

2, raise blood bright eye soup

(1) carp enrichs the blood soup

Raw material: Black soya bean 4 two, ginger 2, red jujube 10 bead, carps 1, dried tangerine or orange peel small,

Condiment: Pepper right amount

Cooking method: 1, summary decoct reachs the carp golden color.

2, fry doing of black soya bean split to fabaceous garment, reoccupy clear water is washed clean, reserve.

3, water is boiled boil, put conflagration of black soya bean, red jujube, dried tangerine or orange peel, ginger to boil 10 minutes first, turn again slow fire boils half hours, put a carp finally, boil 30 minutes.

Effect: Method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood enrichs the blood, beneficial liver kidney, bright eye calms the nerves, be good at detumescence of lienal filling gas, diuresis.

(2) is alimentary bright eye beautiful soup

Raw material: Balsam pear 250 grams, go flesh cuts small Ding Kuai, 125 grams cut thin pork chip, shepherd's purse 50 grams are abluent mincing

Daily 1, take repeatedly 5 to 7 days. Have moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, qing Dynasty liver bright eye effect

Cooking method: Flavor cutlet with cooking wine, refined salt first, add water boil 5 minutes, join balsam pear, shepherd's purse to boil boiling water, transfer into gourmet powder is become namely.

Sweet clew: Above raises a bright eye soup namely, classics tipple not only cross-eye eyeball still is beneficial to benignantly healthy.

3, protect eye method for a long time with the eye

1, rest by fits

Easy time can let an eye loosen, had better be to leave a place, look for a few remote targets to look, last about 10 seconds about, take a rest a little, the help that has infinity to shielding an eye!

2, eyeball motion

If successive one hour is in before computer desk, can try to do a few eyeball to move, hope to breathe out up for example at a heat, in move the line of sight time among, suck at a heat, such movement repeats 3 times about, finally again below proceed, left and on the right side of repeat same act.

3, blink blink

Blink actually the movement is to be able to let an eye secrete tear, carry eye department wet, to matching the OL of glasses of the form that wear concealed character is quite important! Because,a lot of females are too dedicated at the job, bring about staring at computer screen for long and forgot to blink blink so simple petty action, and additional eye is dry and unwell.

4, suction inlet is angry

Is suction inlet gas helpful to shielding an eye? Of the thing, when its are really inspiratory, can quicken haemal circulation, according to investigation, because a lot of females are too dedicated staring at the computer, let breathe speed to change delay, want to often remind oneself so, hold breath smooth, in order to loosen body and mind!

5, health food

Long eat good to the eye food, also have the help that goes up somehow, for example deep-sea fish contains many DHA, can make eye retina perfect development, prevent pathological changes and cataract; In addition, red turnip, citric, La Mei, nutlet, liver is waited a moment, often eat, can increase put oneself in another's position already inside fight oxidation material, can protect phenomenon of consenescence of eye, antagonism effectively again, be not with one action to be counted?

6, much eat all sorts of fruits

Especially orange kind fruit, still answer to eat green vegetable, commissariat, fish and egg more. Drink water more dry to reducing an eye helpful also.

7, the industry posture that keeps good

Maintain a the most appropriate gesture, make double look flat inspect or spend gently watch computer screen downward, can make cervical muscle relaxed so, make eyeball exposes the area in air to reduce lowest.

8, adjust computer screen is apart from

Proposal distance is 50-70 centimeter, and screen should slightly under 10~20 of eye level position centimeter, show the downwards angle of visibility that 15~20 spends. Because angle reachs a distance to be able to reduce smooth to bending demand, reduce the odds of eyeball exhaustion.

9, glasses of Shen Daiyin form

If you are original lachrymal moisture secrete is less, the eye is easy and dry, do not suit to use before computer invisible glasses, want to wear frame glasses. Adorn before computer invisible the person of glasses, also had better use the variety with the high rate that appear oxygen.