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How does red jujube eat most raise a person? What does the nutrition of red jujube eat a law to have?

Friend of a lot of females is in can eat a few red jujubes enrich the blood appropriately at ordinary times, be in especially period around, gas blood of the female relatively empty, can eat a few red jujubes to fill appropriately gas blood. Gong Zaozhong contains rich iron to be mixed character prandial fiber, edible red jujube can enrich the blood not only, still can raise a stomach, so, how does red jujube eat most raise a person? What does the nutrition of red jujube eat a law to have?

How does red jujube eat most raise a person? What does the nutrition of red jujube eat a law to have? (1)

1, water of red jujube bubble raises liver to discharge poison

The experiment proves, the person that needs to liver function everyday drinks big jujube water, continuously a week can increase albumen of human body serum, close and the effect that achieves poison of the platoon that protect liver. Detail of a of red jujube strong bubble is deciding the discretion of its effect. Red jujube peel is tough and bad to digest, if rectify a strong bubble, very difficult its complete dissolve gives active ingredient, because this had better break its an again strong bubble. What notice even is, fresh red jujube shoulds not be strong bubble or decoction. Because its vitamin C content is very high,this is, with hot water the bubble that boil can play havoc with dimension C.

2, filling gas of red jujube make tea protects throat

Red jujube is fried black hind make tea is drunk, medicable stomach cold, gastralgia. If put longan again, enrich the blood namely filling gas tea, fit the person with the use voice taller frequency such as teacher, assistant.

3, Gong Zaoao soup relieves a cough embellish lung

Place of Shen of Tang Dynasty jar is written " surely effect square " in account will red jujube, tremella and rock candy boil boiling water together, can relieve a cough embellish lung. Take tremella 20 grams (about half) , red jujube 20, rock candy 60 grams (can add according to the taste of each one decrease heft) . The hair in putting tremella in clear water leaves, pick head of the base of a fruit, rip small, put in boiler together with red jujube, rock candy, add water 6 bowls, after conflagration is boiled, convert slow fire boils half hour again, can flameout.

4, red jujube coddle enrichs the blood raise colour

Add water of longan Bao brown sugar with red jujube, arrive when continous of jujube sodden longan, lay an egg; Continue to use ripe egg of small fire warm up. Red jujube, longan and brown sugar have the effect that enrich the blood, cook the egg that go out very nourishing.

5, Gong Zaoao congee calms the nerves aid Mian

Tell on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the female has the symptom such as inquietude of impetuous gloomy uneasiness, mind, red jujube of collocation of usable and right amount lily, lotus seed is recuperated. If be boiled together with millet, can develop Gong Zaoan's magical effectiveness better.

6, unobstructed of blood-vessel of wine of red jujube bubble

Red jujube is immersing in the process, the organic thing that contains a lot ofnutrition goes more easily in the dissolve in wine. To maintaining blood-vessel unobstructed has certain effect.

7, the health of red jujube has a way

1, with red jujube 20, egg 1, brown sugar 30 grams, water is stewed take, daily 1, apply to postpartum take good care of sb, enrage the effect that enrich the blood benignantly. Red jujube has energy of life of the beneficial in filling, raise the effect that blood calms the nerves. Tall vitamin content of Gong Zaozhong, have perfect effect to human body blood capillary.

2, ginger is 500 grams, red jujube 250 grams, salt 100 grams, licorice 150 grams, clove 25 grams, agalloch eaglewood 25 grams. Pound thick end and divide evenly to reserve in all. Every time 15- - 25 grams, early morning decoct is taken or bubble water takes the place of tea drink, daily number second. This tea service has fill lienal, raise blood, be good at stomach, calm the nerves, Jie Yuzhi effect, long take appearance making a person white slender, furrow reduces tender, skin.

3, red jujube 50 grams, rice 100 grams, chrysanthemum 15 grams, put together clear water is added inside boiler right amount, boil to thick stiff when, put right amount brown sugar to flavor edible. This just is had be good at lienal enrich the blood, clear liver the effect of bright eye; Long-term edible can make facial complexion ruddy, remove health care to defend ill action.

4, red jujube, earthnut, longan, plus brown sugar, add water to be stewed slowly in boiler, stew those who rot soddenly, often eat, the effect that enrich the blood is very good.

5, red jujube, ormosia, put congee is boiled together in polished glutinous rice, ormosia is burned more not easily sodden, can boil ormosia first, ormosia is boiled rotted, put polished glutinous rice again, red jujube is burned together, also be the cate that enrichs the blood together.

6, red jujube 50 grams, water is nigrescent agaric 100 grams, white sugar is right amount. water hair agaric goes foreign matter is abluent, cut small. Red jujube goes nucleus, clear water is added in putting bowl together right amount boil to red jujube, agaric know sth thoroughly, put white sugar to flavor can edible. According to account of a book on Chinese medicine, red jujube has embellish lung be good at lienal, relieve a cough, the action of caustic of empty of filling the five internal organs, cure, match with nourishing the black agaric of powerful body, its benefit, the alimentary, invigorate the circulation of blood, action that raises an appearance increases. Often feed can make complexion ruddy, green coruscate, this Shang Youyi at the female.

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