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What does the note that takes nut have? The effect effect of nut

Nut is one of most common food in our life, its are phyletic and various, and still have a lot of beneficial to human body edible effect, so many people like to eat nut very much. And in the course that taking nut, the edible contraindication of very curious nut mixes people effect. So what does the note that takes nut have? What is the effect effect of nut?

What does the note that takes nut have? The effect effect of nut (1)

1, the effect effect of nut

1.Bitter almond can relieve a cough smooth asthma, embellish bowel is aperient, the disease such as medicable pneumonia, cough.

2.Sweet almond and the dried fruit big almond that eat daily slant at moist, have certain filling lung effect.

3.Almond still contains rich yellow ketone and much phenol kind composition, this kind of composition not only the content that can reduce the cholesterol inside human body, the hair ill risk that still can reduce heart disease and very much chronic significantly.

4.Almond has hairdressing effect, can promote skin small loop, make the skin ruddy burnish.

5. almond has fight tumor action, because material of active of a kind of biology is contained in bitter almond,almond fights tumor action basically is- - bitter almond glucoside, can enter blood to kill cancer cell only, and do not have action to healthy cell, because this can improve the symptom of terminal cancer patient, lengthen a patient to live period. In the meantime, because contain rich carotene, because this can fight oxidation, prevent freedom radical to attack a cell, have the effect that prevents tumor!

2, the note that takes nut

Correct edible almond, can achieve promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, embellish lung breathes heavily surely, slippery bowel is aperient, reduce the effect of alvine path cancer. The method of almond cook is very much, can use the provision that makes a variety of kinds such as congee, cake, biscuit, return can tie-in other spice to make delicate cooked food.

Although almond has value of a lot of officinal, edible, but not OK and many edible. Excessive takes almond to be able to hurt a body. So, before edible must immerse for many times in preexistence water, heat boil, reduce down to to remove among them toxic substance; Puerpera, cheeper, fact heats up constitutional person and diabetic, unfavorable take apricot and its product.

1, mildew changes nut has incur cancerous risk

A lot of nut are like yellow aspergillus easily invade catch. The virulent poisoning that yellow aspergillus toxin causes, basically be to damage liver, can prevail on animal produces cancer of the liver, also can cause the cancer of the place such as cancer of cancer of the stomach, kidney, rectum cancer and mammary gland, ovarian, small intestine.

2, fry anxious nut can cause cancer

A large number of adipose, protein, carbohydrate is contained in nut, heat commonly can't destroy them, but be fried when nut Jiao Shi, temperature is in already 200 ℃ above, and what right now these begin partial translate into to cause cancer to the nutriment with good body originally is stupid and the material such as Bi, heterocyclic amine, propylene acyl amine.

3, " hairdressing " nut caustic health

Aborning of generator of a few melon seeds has the action that abuses olefin of industrial pigment, industry. Pigment of edible of a lot of blame has the very strong sex that cause cancer. A few person that machine still can use the chemical such as bleacher, undertake to nut hairdressing is handled, eliminate motley spot mark. This often can bring about nutlet to contain the remain of overmuch harmful and chemical material. Especially of happy fruit crack fruit nut, easier save up has harm manage drug in nutlet. These hairdressing chemical have very big harm sex to human body health.

4, the nut with too heavy taste is changeful qualitative

The nut taste on market is varied, somebody likes salty, somebody likes butyric flavor, somebody likes green tea smell, somebody likes smell of the five spices. Generally speaking, taste is heavier, salt is added often jump over much.

Additional, a lot of taste the nut with heavy, thick fragrance, the essence, substance such as saccharin was added when treatment, the melon seeds of butyric flavor still added butterine, these things do not have advantage to the body; Again, taste jumps over heavy nut, its are delicate the possibility of nut of metamorphism of backside under cover is larger.

3, the nut that has pledged to sending

1, walnut black hair

Rich mineral element selenium is contained in walnut, selenium infiltration hair is in-house, can make the hair becomes have tenacity; vitamin B6 more, vitamin E and hair metabolization have close relationship, vitamin E can help the small loop that improves scalp bursa, make wool bursa absorbs sufficient nutrition, help hair second birth, walnut still has strong kidney to raise hematic effect, often eat walnut to be able to make the hair becomes pitch-black, still can prevent a hair sere biforked effect.

2, almond originallies hair

The person most that drops a hair lacks vitamin B6, vitamin E, the nutrient element such as iron and zinc, and the male absorbs overmuch fast adipose food to cause male hormone easily to increase bring about trichomadesis. Rich vitamin and zinc are contained in almond, these elements are qualitative to hair of strong pliable but strong, prevent trichomadesis to have very good effect, and often eat almond to still can reduce cholesterol. Because this eats almond more healthy to the hair also be beneficial.

3, Chinese chestnut filling kidney is raised send

Chinese chestnut sex is lukewarm, have rich fatty acid very much, vitamin, mineral with prandial fiber, have be good at lienal filling kidney and the action that fight consenescence, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think, the embellish of the hair is raised originate gas blood, and basis is being enraged at kidney, want to protect good hair so, want to be a foundation in order to protect kidney, chinese chestnut has very good filling kidney effect, because this is alimentary to the hair,also have profit.

4, filbert is raised send fight consenescence

The vitamin E content of filbert is as high as 30% above, human body absorbs the vitamin E of full amount to defer consenescence effectively, blood-vessel of prevention and cure is sclerotic, moist skin, and have certain profit to maintaining hair health, unripe hair raises the effect; of hair to divide this beyond, human body still is contained a lot ofin filbert cannot oneself complex is not saturated fatty acid, can bate is hemal, maintain blood capillary health.

5, cashew black happens send

The oil in cashew is very much, and with other nut, the grease in cashew is not saturated fatty acid, content of A of contains calcium, iron, Potassium, vitamin, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 is very high also, it is OK also to eat cashew right amountly so black happening hair, embellish skin hairdressing. At the same time cashew also is to belong to food of content of high protein, tall vitamin, suit edible of crowd of lose one's hair of fat excessive sex.