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How should be soya-bean milk drunk? What person should drink soya-bean milk less?

Soya-bean milk is very common drink, major person likes to drink soya-bean milk when having breakfast in the morning, basically soya bean extracts soya-bean milk, very much now person can be joined in past soya-bean milk a few feed capable person otherly, the effect that actually different person drinks soya-bean milk is different, and not be each person can be drunk, how should be that soya-bean milk drunk? What person should drink soya-bean milk less?

How should be soya-bean milk drunk? What person should drink soya-bean milk less? (1)

1, the advantage that drinks soya-bean milk and disadvantage

(1) man should drink soya-bean milk less

Have animal experiment discovery, hello fed soja alimental animal to appear fecundity drops, phenomenon of spermary ketone reductive. Such result made the investigator later begin the research of crowd respect. The investigator of communal and healthy institute published haing Buddha university in 2008 " human reproduction learns " (HumanReproduction) a paper that go up, let 99 males be in infecund not the man that Yo outpatient service treats wrote to investigate questionnaire, let them describe the frequency that in the past 3 the middle of a month absorb 15 kinds of bean products and measure, at the same time sampling their seminal fluid. Conclusion discovers the chroma of the measure that takes bean products and spermatozoon shows negative to close.

(Ms. 2) drinks soya-bean milk more can hairdressing

Expert view: The origin of this kind of viewpoint is the action of the different yellow ketone that in be based on soja, contains, soja different yellow ketone has kind of estrogen effect, accordingly, most person can think the lady eats it is legume, good to drink soya-bean milk skin, and the man drinks soya-bean milk to appear possibly more Nancy tendency. Estrogen of sex of a lot of plants is contained in soya-bean milk, although be a kind of very good drink things, but if edible excessive, can be just the opposite to what one wished.

(3) drinks soya-bean milk appropriately beneficial and harmless

Eat soja to be opposite appropriately the man is beneficial and harmless. Because there is a kind of estrogen to accept put oneself in another's position inside female body, after soja different yellow ketone and this kind of union accepting put oneself in another's position, ability play gives the effect that is similar to estrogen. Inside male body nonexistent this kind accepts put oneself in another's position, because the different inside this soya-bean milk is yellow ketone is not effective to the male.

The woman of the turn of life that lacks estrogen eats everyday be equivalent to 50 grams above doing a beans, or the bean products that waits for a quantity, ability has the effect of compensatory estrogen, the part makes up for estrogen level to drop those who bring calcic prediction of a person's luck in a given year of if the skin is stretch abate, bone is accelerated, the heartbeat is accelerated, facial tide the problem such as be agitated of red, mood.

Accordingly, bean products is right in senile woman is very good, to the male affirmation won't change hormone standard.

2, the unsuited crowd of soya-bean milk

The person with bad intestines and stomach drinks soya-bean milk less

Slant because of soya-bean milk property cold, dyspeptic, belch is enraged and the person with kidney bad function drinks soya-bean milk less as far as possible.

And soya-bean milk can produce gas below enzymatic action, so the person of abdominal distension, diarrhoea had better not drink soya-bean milk. Additional, acute gastritis and the chronic shallow gastritis that express a gender person unfavorable edible bean products, lest stimulate hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to had secreted much more aggravating illness, perhaps cause gastric bowel to bilge gas.

The person that has gouty symptom cannot drink soya-bean milk

Gout is the disease that causes by place of purine metabolization obstacle, and soja contains a lot ofpurine, soya-bean milk is by soja wear oar, so gouty patient has been done drink soya-bean milk less.

The person that taking antibiotic is unfavorable drink soya-bean milk

Soya-bean milk scarcely can be taken together with the antibiotic such as erythromycin, because both can produce chemical reaction. Drink soya-bean milk and the time interval that take antibiotic to had better be in above of a hour.

The person that lacks zinc is unfavorable tipple soya-bean milk

Depressor, black is contained in legume chitin and outside source agglutinin, these are bad to human body material. Cope with their best method to thoroughly cook soya-bean milk namely, and the person of long-term edible soya-bean milk should remember compensatory microelement zinc.

The patient of convalescence is in after operation or disease

Operation or the crowd body strength after falling ill are general weaker, function of intestines and stomach is not very good, accordingly, during restoring had better not drinkable the soya-bean milk of cold sex, produce the symptom such as disgusting, diarrhoea so easily.

Actually, every kinds of food has a certain number of detail to be worth to discuss, some and health are concerned, some and grade are concerned, return some and culture to concern. More to understanding of some kind of food, feel it is full of knowledge more. Same a bowl of everyday soya-bean milk, was full of detail, knowledge to reach by and unripe fun, it is the knowledge in a few easy uncared-for soya-bean milk below.

(1) drinks the accurate method of soya-bean milk

The first, fasten mix into gram, rice to wait as far as possible.

Raw material should choose classy soja, can adulterate a few black soybean, make color deliver dark soya-bean milk; Adulteration counts the nut such as an earthnut, walnut, soya-bean milk mouthfeel is more slippery, flavour also slightly sweet. Do not join the rich amyloid raw material such as gram, ormosia, rice as far as possible, amylaceous existence can make soya-bean milk mouthfeel has little hair is sticky, flavour also is masked.

The 2nd, the scale of soja and water is 1 ﹕ about 18, 20.

There is a report to say before, the scale of beans and water is in 1 ﹕ 3 the left and right sides is the most appropriate, but protein content is as high as this scale in made soya-bean milk 8.7% , plus adipose with carbohydrate, its stiff ply enough and bean curd photograph are compared. Basis " Chinese food component is expressed " , protein content is in soya-bean milk 1.8% , accordingly the optimal weight scale of soja and water is 1 ﹕ 18, 20.

The 3rd, immerse 10 hours ahead of schedule.

Soja exports the soya-bean milk that feels slender through immersing adequately to just can be hit, and grists yield is low. Soja should immerse below room temperature commonly more than 10 hour, become when air temperature is higher, should put freezer or change water a few times more, cause in order to avoid a bacterium.

The 4th, the honey that increase a point is more healthy.

Starch and cane sugar are contained scarcely in soja, so soya-bean milk is without sweet taste, but add sucrose to go against control blood sugar, like sweet the person of soya-bean milk mights as well the honey that increase a point. Honey is natural candy, and give priority to with fructose, sweet degree of tall dosage is little, more healthy. It is the destruction of active material in reducing pair of honey, honey is not added immediately after soya-bean milk has been hit, before putting cool preparation to drink a bit, add again best.

The 5th, with heat good milk mixes drink.

This kind of mixture means constant by certain and zealous " food photograph is overcome " the personage objects, but actually this is planted practice not only be without harm, and because protein is complementary,still increased nutrient value. Nevertheless, if do not like to string together flavour, can drink apart.

The 6th, rice of make it of remnant soya-bean milk.

Replace water to cook rice with odd soya-bean milk. Increased high grade protein to rice already, and mouthfeel is pretty good also, it is with one action is counted simply.

The 7th, residue from bean after making soya-bean milk is being fried eat.

Soya-bean milk can the water-solubility in raw material of utmost ground reservation is beneficial composition, be like water revive glucoside of black of yellow ketone of different of candy, soja, soja. But want to increase prandial fibrous to absorb have to eat residue from bean after making soya-bean milk, can fry eat, also but rice of make it residue from bean after making soya-bean milk.

The 8th, tie-in bean products eats together.

Learn according to Chinese nutrition " south forefinger of Chinese dweller board " proposal, should eat everyday 30, 50 grams soja (dry weight) . Drink the soya-bean milk of 300 milliliter about everyday, be equivalent to the in part that the proposal measures only roughly. While because of this proposal everybody is drinking soya-bean milk, often still want to take the soja product such as skin of a few bean curd, beans.

3, the contraindication of drinkable soya-bean milk

1, avoid is drunk did not thoroughly cook soya-bean milk

A lot of people like to buy raw soya-bean milk to come home oneself heat, when heating, see emerge to think by accident on bubble already boil, the organic material be heated that actually this is soya-bean milk expands form what bleb causes to go up risk a phenomenon, be not boiling, it is to do not have ripe.

Doing not have ripe soya-bean milk is harmful to human body. Because two kinds of toxic material are contained in soya-bean milk, can bring about protein metabolization obstacle, produce stimulation to gastric bowel path, cause toxic symptom. Preventing the measure with toxic soya-bean milk is soya-bean milk the high temperature in 100 ℃ issues boil, can set his mind at drinkable. If appear after drinkable soya-bean milk,have a headache, the symptom such as breathing suffocate suffocate, should instantly go to a doctor, absolutely cannot opportunity of incur loss through delay, endanger life in case.

2, avoid is in soya-bean milk lay an egg

A lot of people like to lay an egg in soya-bean milk, think to have nutrition more so, but this kind of method is unscientific, because,this is, the trypsin in Yi Hedou oar joins the mucus sex egg white in the egg, produce a kind of material that cannot be drawn by human body, reduced the human body absorption to nutrition greatly.

3, avoid is strong brown sugar

Brown sugar is added to drink in soya-bean milk rise smell is sweet sweet, after the protein in the organic acid in Dan Gong candy and soya-bean milk is united in wedlock, can produce denaturation sedimentary, destroyed nutrient part greatly.

4, avoid outfit vacuum flask

Have in soya-bean milk can get rid of the material of the furring inside vacuum flask, in temperature appropriate condition falls, serve as nourishment with soya-bean milk, the bacterium inside bottle can breed in great quantities, through 3 ~ 4 hours can make soya-bean milk acid defeats metamorphism.

5, avoid is drunk exceed measure

Drink soya-bean milk to cause protein indigestion easily too much, appear the unwell symptom such as abdominal distension, diarrhoea.

6, avoid hollow drink soya-bean milk

The protein in soya-bean milk is cosmopolitan in quantity of heat of the translate into inside human body be used up, cannot rise adequately to benefit action. Drink soya-bean milk while take the starch such as some of biscuit, cake, steamed bread kind food, can make the protein in soya-bean milk action in starch falls, produce enzymatic solution adequately with gastric juice, make nutrient material is absorbed adequately.

7, avoid is the same as drink with medicaments

Some medicaments can destroy the nutrient part in soya-bean milk, wait for antibiotic medicaments like tetracycline, erythromycin.